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Paul Davis Emergency Services of Malibu: Water Damage Restoration

Throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation, other cold symptoms that just won’t go away—do you have a cold, or are you suffering from the effects of mold? Whether it’s obvious or not, if there’s mold in your home it’s important to get a mold inspection and have it removed before it affects your health, and the health of your home.

We all hear about the dangers of black mold, but it’s not the only type of mold that can harm you. Black, grey, green: there’s a whole rainbow of mold that will ruin your air quality and break down the walls of your home.

If you’re located in Van Nuys and need a reliable contractor to take care of your mold cleanup, give Paul Davis Emergency Services a call. We’ll even start you off with a free estimate to help make your decision easier.

How Does Mold Happen?

Maybe it was there when you moved into your home, maybe it’s grown over time. Either way, you want it gone. But how did it get there in the first place and how are you going to avoid it in the future?

Mold can enter through windows or doors or be brought in on people and pets. If they are then provided with the right temperature and excessive moisture, they’ll start to grow. Mold is often found in older homes because they are not build as air-tightly as newer homes. Mold doesn’t mean that you or your home is dirty, it simply happens if you’re not sure how to avoid it.

If Paul Davis Emergency Services has helped you with your mold removal and you don’t want it to happen again, reduce moisture in your home with dehumidifiers, if there are plumbing leaks, fix them quickly, and essentially keep your home as dry as possible.

Mold Testing

Homes in Van Nuys can develop mold problems in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s obvious as it grows around your bathtub or up a wall, and other times you may suspect it’s growing in your attic or basement but can’t see the source.

In both situations, the Paul Davis Emergency Services team will first do a mold inspection to locate the problem, and then do mold testing to see what kind of mold we’re dealing with. Then, we can clean it properly and do our best to ensure it doesn’t come back again.


If you are sick and tired of a persistent mold infestation depreciating your Van Nuys home and leaving you and your family with a cough and other cold symptoms that just won’t quit, then you really need to contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of Malibu today.

As the premier mold removal team in Van Nuys, it is no exaggeration to state that we can tackle any mold issue that we encounter with efficiency. When you contact our team to take care of a mold issue in your Van Nuys home, you can rest assured that we will thoroughly inspect your home to determine the extent of the mold infestation and from there we will let you know what action is required to take care of the problem properly.

To ensure that you are kept informed at all times, we will provide a written report for all the work that we plan to carry out and will make sure that you are made aware of this in advance rather than after we start the mold removal work on your Van Nuys home. So, if you want to get rid of that stubborn mold that has pestered your home for years, then you need to call Paul Davis Emergency Services of Malibu today.


There is no doubt about it, there are few experiences as horrifying for a Van Nuys homeowner than coming face to face with an unpleasant pungent odor emanating from their basement or attic.

However, while many of the symptoms of mold are clear and easy to see, the reality is that others are subtler and often only manifest themselves when it is often too late for your Van Nuys home. Several things to look out for when it comes to mold include the following:

Weird Smells: Mold, whether it is visible to the naked eye or not, will emit an unusual and unpleasant odor. If there is a room in your Van Nuys home that has a funky or musty smell almost all the time, then there is little doubt that you have a mold problem. If you have the time, try following the odor to where it is strongest and try and remove it from there. However, if you believe that the mold is in an unreachable place like in the interior of a wall cavity, then you’ll need to call a professional at Paul Davis Emergency Services of Malibu to help fix the problem.

Condensation: Whether there are excessive amounts of moisture on your home’s windows or condensation dripping from your pipes, the reality is that the root cause of this problem could be producing an ideal breeding ground for mold in your home. It also indicates that mold might already be present in you home. Dehumidifiers are a good starting point to tackle this issue but for optimal results, you really need to consult the professionals at Paul Davis Emergency Services of Malibu.

Black Mold Cleanup

Using respirators and facemasks, we’ll cover ourselves and take all safety precautions when cleaning black mold out of your home. Different types of mold require different techniques and even in the most extreme situations we’ll ensure that your home is left in the best, breathable condition when we’re finished!

Mold Removal That Lasts

The Paul Davis Emergency Services team doesn’t just remove mold for Van Nuys homeowners, we remove it and then take the steps necessary so that it doesn’t come back again.

When you’re looking for full-service mold removal that lasts, give us a call.